Teaching and Education

Middlesex University

As well as my research training I also hold an MA in Education and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education: a professional teaching qualification. I am particularly interested in international management education, and the associated issues of transferring knowledge across different cultures.

My main contributions to management education have been in the design and teaching of masters courses, while developing textbooks in relevant areas over the last 20 years, at EAP-ESCP European School of Management (now ESCP Europe) within a three-country, three-year, three-language postgraduate programme, and more recently at Middlesex University Business School, London.

I have also taught or presented seminars at a number of universities around the world as a visiting academic, including: Open University Business, School, UK; Rhodes University, South Africa, Department of Management; Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa, Department of Development Studies and Business School; Brunel University Business School, UK; Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherland; University of Stellenbosch, School of Public Management and Graduate School of Business, South Africa; University of Cincinnati, Centre for Global Business, USA; Oxford Brookes University Business School, UK; Kenya Institute of Management, Nairobi; Zimbabwe Institute of Management and University of Zimbabwe, Graduate School of Management; University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business, South Africa; University of the Western Cape, School of Government, Cape Town; Technical University of Brno, Faculty of Management and Economics, Zlin, Czech Republic; Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic; University of Hull, Institute of Pacific Asia Studies, UK; University of Reading, The Graduate School of European and International Studies, Centre for Euro-Asian Studies, UK; Joint Management Development Programme, Johannesburg and Rustenburg, South Africa; The Civil Service College, UK; Chartered Institute of Transport/Salford University, UK;  Groupe ESC (Ecole Superieure de Commerce) Rennes, France; Escuela Superior de Gestion Comercial y Marketing (ESIC), Valencia and Madrid, Spain.



I don’t believe cross-cultural management should be taught as a separate subject. It should be integrated into courses such as organizational behaviour, management and human resource management. It is difficult to see how, for example, organizational behaviour in a globalized world can be taught without integrating international and cross-cultural management ideas and principles right from the start. Yet so often a cross-cultural management course is created almost as an afterthought, as an add on after students have learned the ‘basic principles’ of OB, HRM or management.

My taught modules have included:

Organizational Behaviour in International Management: including developing and publishing the textbook – Jackson, T. Organisational Behaviour in International Management, Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. 1993, and sourcebook – Jackson, T. Cross-cultural Management  (ed.) Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann, 1995

International Human Resource Management: including developing and publishing the textbook – Jackson, T. International HRM: A Cross-cultural Approach, London: Sage, 2002, currently being revised for a second edition.


International Management Ethics: and developing and publishing the textbook – Jackson, T. International Management Ethics: A Critical, Cross-cultural Perspective, Cambridge University Press, 2011.


I have also contributed to undergraduate courses in Cross-cultural Management (perhaps somewhat reluctantly given my comments above) and masters courses in Research Methods, as well as contributing to seminars and programmes on Management in Africa, on the basis of my textbook –  Jackson, T. Management and Change in Africa: A Cross-cultural Perspective, London: Routledge, 2004.



My main teaching currently includes the supervision and research education of PhD, masters dissertation students and contribution to postgraduate teaching in areas including international HRM, Ethics, Organizational Behaviour and Cross-cultural Management.